An opportunity
to make the difference

Propreal's Real Estate Decarbonisation Fund One (DF1) is on a mission to drive sustainable investment in the real estate sector and contribute to global climate and sustainability goals.

DF1 is specifically designed to revolutionise the way we view and invest in office buildings. The vision is to identify well-located, medium-sized office buildings and transform them into green assets that not only benefit the environment but also deliver exceptional returns for our investors.

At Propreal, we pride ourselves on our proven track record in retrofitting buildings and our expertise in decarbonisation. With an in-depth understanding of the real estate market and a relentless drive for innovation, we are well-positioned to be your ideal partner on this journey. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and implementing sustainable practices, we will enhance their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. The result? Desirable spaces that not only attract environmentally-conscious tenants but also command higher rental premiums and increased capital value.

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