Opening up investment opportunities in Europe’s major real estate markets

Drawing on our robust capabilities, industry-leading expertise and the enduring relationships we have built in the real estate space, we are perfectly positioned to unlock the untapped value in the major real estate markets of Europe, bringing the best investment opportunities within the reach of our clients.

But this level of commitment is well beyond the capabilities of the average individual investor. That’s where we come in, taking on the heavy lifting with our proactive, hands-on approach to managing and monitoring of our clients’ investment portfolios on a daily basis.

A big-picture perspective for future-proof, sustainable investments

With a strong commitment to generating long-term, market-beating returns for our clients, we’re dedicated to empowering them to achieve their true investment potential. We do this by forging strong, lasting partnerships with our investors, underpinned by a sense of respect and integrity in everything we do.

What’s more, our big-picture perspective means we look beyond the financial value that our investments can deliver to explore sustainable positive economic, social and cultural value too.

Client service founded on clarity and integrity

We always deliver on the commitments we make to our investors. We keep our investment strategy and objectives crystal clear, and if changing market conditions jeopardise performance, we guide our clients through the implications at the earliest stage possible, giving them the time to review their strategy if they need to.

Embracing the potential of digital technologies

Digital technologies powered by machine-learning and artificial intelligence are no longer a distant prospect on the horizon. They’re already with us – and they’re here to stay.

At Propreal, we actively embrace the disruption triggered by these emerging digital technologies as an exciting source of opportunity, a positive driver of investment performance, and a compelling way to deliver even greater value for our clients.

Data-driven insights for total transparency

We see our data-driven approach as a real source of competitive advantage. Our powerful in-house analytical capabilities enable us to support our clients with a level of transparency and granularity that they would typically expect from investing in the stock market.

As a forward-looking thought leader in this space, we go one step further: we strive to shape the future of real estate investment and asset management by deploying our industry-leading, data-driven insights and expertise.

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