Opening up investment opportunities in Europe’s major real estate markets

Drawing on our robust capabilities, industry-leading expertise and the enduring relationships we have built in the real estate space, we are perfectly positioned to unlock the untapped value in the major real estate markets of Europe, bringing the best investment opportunities within the reach of our clients.

But this level of commitment is well beyond the capabilities of the average individual investor. That’s where we come in, taking on the heavy lifting with our proactive, hands-on approach to managing and monitoring of our clients’ investment portfolios on a daily basis.

Our Expertise

Acquisition & Development

Capitalizing on our demonstrable knowledge and experience in real estate investment across various asset types and geographical location, Propreal is able to offer tailor-made solutions for on-and off market investment opportunities.

 Deal sourcing
 Analysis & Modeling
 Due diligence

Asset Management

Propreal helps investors unlock untapped value to their real estate investments through its pro-active culture, demonstrated by recently realised investments and ongoing investment strategies.

 Strategic/Value-add asset management
 Renovation / Refurbishment
 Portfolio management
 Cost monitoring
 Portfolio management & cash management

Financing & Refinancing

Benefiting from an excellent track record and long-standing relationships with major European lenders and leading financial institutions, having financed or refinanced approximately €300 million senior debt in the last three years.

 Bank selection
 Covenant monitoring
 Waiver negotiations


Benefiting from an extensive network of professional, local expertise and in-house database, Propreal is able to provide its clients with investment advisory supported by the latest market insights and research on a wide range of topics.

 Real estate and financial markets
 Individual market performance
 Transaction overview
 Covenant strength
 Tenant, ESG, technology, etc.