Shaping the evolution of real estate investing

In the world of real estate investing, reputation, relationships and legacy have traditionally counted for everything.

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Here at Propreal, we count on the same range of capabilities and services as a conventional real estate asset manager. We have decades of demonstrable experience of investing – throughout market cycles – in the major real estate markets of Europe, with specialist expertise in mixed-use, office, hotels, retail and residential properties.

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We are also backed by an established network of relationships that have stood the test of time. But as a boutique asset manager, we are free to operate without the constraints faced by our larger institutional peers.

We believe that the status quo is there to be challenged.  We embrace the potential of digital technologies and we are not afraid to disrupt traditional ways of working if they deliver better outcomes for our clients. As investors, we benefit from the agility to move faster and more efficiently than our competitors, in close relationship with our clients.

And above all, we share our clients’ passion for identifying - and maximizing value - from the best investment opportunities in the dynamic, vibrant world of real estate.

Opening up investment opportunities in Europe's major real estate markets
Opening up investment opportunities in Europe's major real estate markets

Embracing the potential of digital technologies

Digital technologies powered by machine-learning and artificial intelligence are no longer a distant prospect on the horizon. They’re already with us – and they’re here to stay.

At Propreal, we actively embrace the disruption triggered by these emerging digital technologies as an exciting source of opportunity, a positive driver of investment performance, and a compelling way to deliver even greater value for our clients.

Data-driven insights for total transparency

We see our data-driven approach as a real source of competitive advantage. Our powerful in-house analytical capabilities enable us to support our clients with a level of transparency and granularity that they would typically expect from investing in the stock market.

As a forward-looking thought leader in this space, we go one step further: we strive to shape the future of real estate investment and asset management by deploying our industry-leading, data-driven insights and expertise.

A big-picture perspective for future-proof, sustainable investments

With a strong commitment to generating long-term, market-beating returns for our clients, we’re dedicated to empowering them to achieve their true investment potential. We do this by forging strong, lasting partnerships with our investors, underpinned by a sense of respect and integrity in everything we do.

What’s more, our big-picture perspective means we look beyond the financial value that our investments can deliver to explore sustainable positive economic, social and cultural value too.

Client service founded on clarity and integrity

We always deliver on the commitments we make to our investors. We keep our investment strategy and objectives crystal clear, and if changing market conditions jeopardise performance, we guide our clients through the implications at the earliest stage possible, giving them the time to review their strategy if they need to.

A powerful player in Europe’s major real estate markets. We help investors unlock untapped value in urban properties in major European markets such as Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

A powerful player in Europe’s major real estate markets. We help investors unlock untapped value in urban properties in major European markets such as Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Grosvenor Street
A 43,000+ sq ft newly renovated heritage property comprising best-in-class offices and retail units in the heart of Mayfair.
London, United Kingdom
Grand Hotel Fairmont Complex
A 66,500 m² complex comprising of the iconic Grand Hotel Fairmont 5-star hotel (365 rooms and 33 suites), 4 food and beverage outlets, a night-club, a theatre, 26 retail units, 4 residential units, 6 offices, 497 parking spaces and a luxury car park.
Geneva, Switzerland
Hotel Skipper
A 5-star property located in Barcelona’s sea front, featuring 231 guestrooms and 10 suites. The Hotel comprises 2 swimming pools, 4 food and beverage outlets, including a roof-top bar as well as large conference facilities.
Barcelona, Spain
Neuer Zollhof
A 10,700 m² landmark office building designed by the star architect Frank O. Gehry located directly on the Rhine with a view of Media Harbour and the skyline of Düsseldorf.
Düsseldorf, Germany
Regent Hotel Berlin
A 19,000 m² 5-star hotel comprising 156 rooms and 39 suites, 3 food and beverage facilities, banqueting facilities and is located in Mitte, the cultural and political heart of Berlin.
Berlin, Germany
Boulevard de la Tour
A mixed-use structure with a majority on condominium incorporating 7,000+ m² of office space, a large storage area and 48 parking spaces. The building is located in Geneva’s city centre, at the southern tip of the banking district.
Geneva, Switzerland
A 9,700+ m² retail complex comprising two recently renovated and delivered buildings in Meyrin, home to important light industrial and commercial hub next to Geneva airport.
Geneva, Switzerland
Grand Tower
20 prime residential units totalising 1,543 m² of lettable area on the 17th and 20th floors of the new Grand Tower complex. Located in Frankfurt’s European Quarter, the building benefits immediate proximity to the Westend, Central Business District and city centre.
Frankfurt, Germany
Black Box
A modern property compromising 2,774 m² of wholesale retail space, 621 m² storage and 44 m² of technical facilities located in the commercial area of Dreieich, a city in the outskirts of Frankfurt.
Dreieich, Germany

People Focused

We focus on recruiting the sharpest minds in the business from diverse educational and professional backgrounds, prioritising people with vision and an entrepreneurial mindset.